Long before words such as net zero, sustainability and recycle were front page news, Monley Cronin Inc had a deeply held commitment to these values. The very core of our personal and company belief is that we all need to be committed stewards to this wonderful world we are a part of. From our early beginnings, our design and construction have focused on wise use of energy and products in our homes and projects.

Much has changed over the years in this area, and we have continued to be leaders in exploring and implementing new and appropriate design, products and systems. We have been very fortunate and honored to be seen as a leader in this area and have been in numerous projects that have allowed our involvement with the design and implementation of effective energy, and building systems. Projects of note :

Heritage Park Subdivision Home Energy Design

Heritage Park Subdivision Home Energy Design: In 2005-2006 Monley Cronin Inc worked with Davis Energy Design and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program to design and develop a unique approach to the overall home energy use. This concept was used in all of the initial homes in the Monley Cronin Properties Heritage Park subdivision homes. The overall system was called “Homes For Living” and was recognized and won the 1st place award for Energy Design by the BIA of Northern California in 2006. The homes utilizing this system included:

  • Centralized location for heat/ac systems and hot water distribution to minimize ducting and plumbing runs
  • Tankless water heating systems with manifold separation for “home run” piping to hot water valves for increased energy efficiency and faster water distribution
  • High performance heat and AC units with 2 stage variable speed fans for increased energy efficiency and comfort. Certified ducting run in conditioned space when possible
  • Home system utilized the “Night Breeze” night cooling ventilation systems for all homes
  • High performance Anderson window systems
  • Photo voltaic or photo voltaic ready for future install

Many of the concepts utilized in this design have now become industry standard, but were on the cutting edge of system design innovation when utilized in this generation of homes. We continue to implement many of the concepts and ideas from this generation of design in our homes.

heritage park green

Yocha DeHe Wintun Nation

We worked closely with local Architect Jim Zanetto and the Yocha De He management staff to complete an innovative and energy efficient office facilities complex which achieved the LEED Platinum Award at the Yocha De He Rancheria site.


Honda Corporation: Honda Smart Home

We were honored to be chosen by Honda Corporation North America to be involved in the Honda Smart Home  project which was designed and built in partnership with the University of California Davis on the West Davis Campus in 2013. This was the fifth Honda Smart Home Honda Corporation had built throughout the world (the first in the United States). The goal of each Honda Smart Home is to provide a “Living Laboratory” that allows the most current and innovative design and products to be implemented in construction and tested over time.

Honda Smart Home US